What You Don't See

Eyes open, eyes closed. Such a simple change, yet it changes everything. Perspective is all about how we see things. Do we open our eyes, spread our arms and welcome opportunity? Or do we turn our backs out of fear of embarrassment or losing. You see I was once afraid to step toward the ledge of advancement for fear of falling over the edge. But now I see that it isn't about getting as close to the edge as we can. It's about digging deep and moving the mountain. And when that mountain is moved I know I can do anything that I want to do. Because my accomplishments are to further my confidence in me, not to impress you. But I look to you, with your eyes closed. You're scared to go into the world because you believe you'll never find your way home. I say "Follow my voice. Come to me." All you reply is "How do I move when I can't find enough faith to lift my feet." So you remain locked in comfortability. But what you don't see is that where you are comfortable is becoming lost at sea. You weren't made to be comfortable, you were made to do great things. My view on life changed when I decided to take on the world in front of me. And with my eyes wide open, I can accomplish anything.


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