What you don't know

August Forster


What you don't know

I look at you, but you don’t know that i am.you prabably dont even know that i exist, but


thst doesnt stop me from looking at you. You don’t  know that i love your smile and the


way you talk. You don’t know that i see the world in you. Even if you were to look at me


you wouldn’t see anything special. Just an average girl. You don't know that i want to hold


your hand, and be in your arms. I know for a fact that  will never have that chance from


you. You don’t  know  how much i want to talk to you. Even if I did you wouldn’t talk back,


because I don't matter. I want to be the reason that you run into a pole. I know sadly that


will never happen though, for I am invisible to you, in my own loveless mind. You don’t


know how much I think about you every day.As fo I will never cross your mind. You don’t


know that this writing that I am writing is about you. You don't know my name, and I will


never be written down on your paper. I guess I am just lost in the facts of in which you


just don’t know.


This poem is about: 


August Forster

I wrote this in the depth of heart of nobody 

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