What You Did

You'll never understand

What you did

People like to plant gardens in my heart

They'll scatter seeds across my soul like

Rice after a wedding

Flowers will blossom and 

I try everything to stop it because 

The day they turn around and tell me they no longer

Need the little I have to offer

The flowers die


You didn't just plant a garden

You offered me a sea 

With everything beautiful;

And tamed it the way 

I didn't know how.

But then you left and 

The sea dried up like an 

Old woman's mouth when she has a cold

Leaving nothing

The beauty is gone

So now

I curl in a ball and try to 

Replicate the way you

Tamed my sea

But it's turning and crashing

Leaving me helpless

Hopeless and


And there are no more flowers 

And there are no more waves

Because now everything is still except 

the silent scream of

blood, pouring out of my shattered heart.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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