What You Are

You're like a post it note with a laundry list of things to do
Your always there, even if we don't do anything
I want the warm embrace I feel in your arms
A comfortable happiness between safety and contentment
You're like the sweet taste of a warm chocolate chip cookie
I don't need you but I always want more
My trembling hands search for you in dark in the backseat of a car with headlights turned down
I allow myself to let go without inhibitions 
You're like a safety harness on a trapeze jump
I can see the end but I don't want to touch it
I've let myself be yours and have given you all my trust
I know you're not like the others
You're like biting wind on a winters night
You cause my lips to quiver and send shivers down my spine
The uncontrollable want to be with a person no matter what is what scares me most
This love is terrifying
You're like a scrapbook that has been only partially completed
I look at you and all I can do is smile because I can see all the memories we've had and I want to share more with you
My favorite are the days spent laying on broken in couches talking
I want more days like those, I want forever


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