What a year

  Wow what a year I watched one of my friends go to jail For murder went and visited him  he laughed and said those couple of yearsWouldn't hurt him knowing damn wellWhen those bars locked behind him He started to feel like he was in a  insane asylum watching everyone Walk out the door sad as hell at the thought he couldn't go behind themWow what a year I lost my virginity to a person who later on Turned against me boy behind the mask Is what I called him after he got what he Wanted I didn't matter I was just another girl on his list ,another transaction my heart was broken I blamed myself for letting it happen couldn't even look at myself in the mirror because I  was to disgusted with my actions Wow what a year It's my last year in high school I haven't even heard from my dadBut it's cool he is to busy playing House with his other kids one ofThem ain't even his but he acts like it is He replaced me with her and I was his Very first kid what kind of shit is that !I once heard that a girl's first love is Her father but mines wasn't He never gave me the chance to experience it dating all theseDifferent guys trying to findThe love I wanted from him Wow what a year As I look back on all theTrials and tribulations that I went through This year I gotta thank god that I'm still Here it was many times That I contemplated suicide Asking God why meThen he told me why You got a purpose on earth you got Dreams So big they can touch the sky This year has been pure hell I can't even lie But it made me a better person The smile you see on my face Is not rehearsed it's because I managed to find heaven while living inHell on earth Wow what a year      

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