What is Writing?

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 15:05 -- rvwol12


Words on a page
Creating lines of rhythm
Lines of Rhyme
Flowing Eloquently
Millions of emotions
Spiraling out
At times, Writing is difficult
A blockage between me, and the world
But when faced with emotional baggage,
It comes so easily
A simple song lyric
A simple rhyme
I try to structure it
Only to realize poetry has very little structure
Poetry is what you make it
It's anything you want it to be
It's the scene of a beautiful day
A storm
A wintery blizzard
It's crying in the bathroom between classes
It's standing up for yourself
It's having someone listen to you, when no else will
In life, there's so many emotions
So many obstacles
We are defined by how we handle these obstacles

I write to express all my confusing emotions
Of love, jealousy, hate, happiness
When I write, it's all there
In black and white
So obvious
So clear
I am no longer confused
This is me
This is what I am feeling
Writing helps me make since of my life
And it helps me define myself
No one can define me
I define me
My writing defines me
My life defines me
And writing will always be a part of my life.


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