What would you change by taylor matthews


I would change the world and how its eyes are blind so they can see the ones who dress in suits and in uniforms have the largest criminal minds

I would change how the people are viewed on this earth demolish the stereotypical lines.

I would change the fact that some mother is going to the grave right now to bury her teenage son who has just died

I would change the fact that someone lost their innocent life because some idiot went out on a rampage because his brain isn’t working right

I would cure all the accidents and I would bring back all the dead presidents so that they could live their dream and wave in the white how they envisioned it

I would change the girl who is getting bullied right now because it isn’t fair and I would change the fact someone is fighting cancer I would change the research lab and find the answers

I would change the fact that every second someone dies .I would change the fact that people lied.

I would change the mind of a prisoners so that they can be fixed I would change the that some men are disrespectful and make them call women by their real name instead of yelling out ay you chick

I would change that saying about stones and sticks. I would change that thieves have hands maybe now they won’t be so slick

I would change how people view Disney channel and how people make fun of the Hannah Montana theme song I would buy them a star and tell them dream on

I would edit this thing they call self-esteem and there would be no such thing as a broken mirror because the only image staring back at them is beauty

I would change these crooked cities these crooked cops I would change my name to Annie and buy me some black high-top chucks

I would change all these one sided laws and I would fix the world and all the governments flaws

I would change the fact that some girl who is only 16 years old taking care of some child all alone yeah sometimes things happen and people make mistakes but isn’t fair I would change the fact that she may be a victim of rape.

I would change how people stare and judge because they know their life is full of crap and it isn’t what sweet dreams are made of

I would change how people are looked upon because of their skin.

I would change the rich families who frown upon the one who don’t have as much as them I would take all their money and give it to the starving family on the street because I’m sure they would appreciate it

I would change karma so that it can step and get in and take some of those evil people and get rid of them

I would change racism and how much the victim encounters I would change alcohol and drugs even the ones over the counter

I would change the fact the pill is killing and its making me ill I would get rid of Uncle Sam because I rather be related to Uncle Phil

I would get rid of the pain women endure once a month

I would edit the crap that is on the radio and change it to something that has a purpose and is educational. I would get rid of a Christmas wish list and instead make a set of goals

I would change that I have to pay 3 dollars or more when I drive to out of state bad enough gas prices are high add that what’s the total

I would change the sick individuals the black hearted souls I would turn up the bass player volume and let the arts began to grow.

I would change the person I am I would make a huge change. I would change the world so much I don’t mean to complain.

Yeah everyone says they want to change the world and it sounds so redundant and lame

But this world has a lot of things it needs to work on the world is what I would change



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