#What Would You Change

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 19:58 -- dadona1


If I could change

only one thing in this world

right now,

I would change the way I write.

I would change the way

I express myself

for the better.

Each letter of every word I say

would be perfectly in place,

Not an idea fractured,

not a sentence wasted.

Each thought tasted 

for at least a lifetime

before black ink drips

from my tongue onto paper.

I would transform myself

into a Word Wizard,

a genius composer of prose.

Everyone who knows me

would come to me

to write their biographies,

history books,

and the new Bible.

Just my signature

would be the #1 Bestseller.

Instead of a thesaurus,

everyone would just call me up

for the perfect word.

Everything I write

would be glorious

and powerful

and revolutionary

and I could make you feel

whatever I wanted. 

With a pencil and 20 seconds,

I could make a hardened soul cry,

a wounded soul heal,

and an empty soul whole.

My novels

deeper and darker

than the oceans of the earth

My poetry

far more graceful and balanced

than the finest ballerina,

and every piece of looseleaf I touch

instantly becomes golden parchment.

I would change my writing

until everyone in the world was reading.

And then I would write

just one last word

so perfectly

that all finally understood:






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