What Would You Change

If I could change one thing
One thing in the whole world
I would change my parent’s relationship
They are divorced and happy with their separate lives
While I am content with my life I know it can be better
Having my parents divorced is such a burden I carry
It makes me scared of marriage
Scared of someone leaving me
And scared of being alone
My parents are total opposites
At one point in time they were happy and in love
If I could take them back to that point I would
There would be less arguments
Less stress and less hatred
Constantly I am put in the middle
Constantly I am forced to take sides
I am sick of that life
While I know I can’t change them
I try to bring them together for myself and my brother
Asking them to try to be civil so that I can enjoy myself
That I can enjoy spending time with them
And so that our broken family can finally be at peace


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