What Would I Take With Me

What would I take with me

If I were stuck on an abandoned island?

I would take you.

Sure, I could take a journal

But you’re already my human diary

I could take a tv

But your stories are better than cable

I am 1000 pieces of  broken glass

And you are the glue that will put me back together

You have, put me back together

When you found me crying in the locker room

Because I was too embarrassed about my weight

And you found out I hadn’t eaten in 3 days

You are the comedy I’m looking for

When I need to smile

You are the sister that will talk to me

When I need my family

You are the only one that I tell my secrets too

Because you’re the only one I trust them with

And you’re the only one I can vent to

About my ex’s when they’re being dumb

Because I know you’ll understand

If I were stuck on an abandoned island,

Trust me, I don’t want this to be a “LOST” situation

Where we have to run from an evil, smoky figure

But if it were, I would put you behind me

So I can protect you

You’ve already proven that you’ll always protect me

If I were stuck on an abandoned island

I would take you

Because you’re not just my best friend

You’re my other half.


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