What Would I Need?

What would I need?

If on an island I was stuck

Lots I would think

But then an idea struck


If I’m on an island

Am I alone?

Or are there others

Whose ships off course were blown?


If I was alone

And in a world without care

An island to give

But with no one to share


I would probably ask

For company, no more

Just one other person

To arrive on the shore


That person would be

Someone for whom I care deeply

Her name will not be mentioned

Our feelings shared secretly


Sure it is another person to deal with

and another mouth to feed

but as long as she is here

that is all I need


We may be alone on an island

And we may struggle to survive

But as long as we are together

We have the will to remain alive


There are many things I would like

Material are most

But I would give up them all

For another person on my islands coast


I do not think I could do without

Another that shares my feelings

Stuck on my island with no one else

Alone to do my dealings


I guess what I have been trying to say

Is that there is only one thing I could not do without

Not a material good, but rather another’s company

I know this without a doubt


Like many other people

I guess I am not

But my opinion is mine

It is all I have got


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