What Would I Change Scholarship Slam


If I could change any one thing, what would I change?

Maybe something bad, or something unorthodox and strange.

Maybe an issue, something that really needs a hand,

Like helping the spread of medications, for those unhealthy to stand.


Or even those at home, who just can not receive,

Insurance companies need to change what they perceive.

Insurance companies deny those who are at a lower state,

And those who have a higher, untreatable death rate.


Insurance companies will take the healthy only for the profit,

Such greed, no sympathy, they really need to stop it.

Low rates and more benefits for those without ill,

Yet no help at all for those who receive life through a pill.


That's where we stand, as a country, as a whole,

Refuse to care for the weak, let disability takes it toll.

If only insurance comanies would widen their range,

Now THAT is something, I'd be willing to change.






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