What Would I Change..?

I was given this pen, I hold it in hand

The tip of it hovers, the slate blank.. bland

The power to change history

“Pick only one thing” but what is the Mystery



So I stare straight ahead

Brow furrowed eyes red

I’ve spent days thinking over what to pick

For most people it would come lickity split



“I would be better at this”

“I would have that”

“I would cure cancer”

I would… I’m not sure what I would do.



Given the choice I might give my mom a better lifestyle

I might make my father less depressed

Fund my sisters college and her dream

Motivate my brother to get up and learn



To pick only one thing…

I would…


I know! I would open a Rehabilitation Center!



I could give my mother a job there that best fit the hours she needed to work

A job that had fair pay

One that wouldn’t cause her medical issue or drive her crazy

One where she could pay her bills and save for the home of her dreams



I could give my father special permission to visit

Give him tours and show him my dream

Cure his depression by sharing my love

Something he told me is all he ever dreamt of



I could open a space for a florist shop

Where my sister could work to pay for college

She would be doing what she loved

She could live her dream peacefully



I could show my brother the mechanics

Show him what he could do for his living

Mechanical engineering

Tell him it would be his job once he finished his schooling



I would open once center where all of my family

Could work and thrive happily

Together as a unit

Living our dreams



I would write my family into happiness

One much earned so still appreciated

It would not all be of ease

But it would be our dreams


Need to talk?

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