What The World Needs, Is All I Need

This isn't a poem

This is a story

This isn't unnecessary things I want

Nor that I think I need, but

These are things the world needs

What the world needs, Is What I Need


What the world needs is better Dads, Not Fathers

You see the difference between a dad from a father is that

A baby can say dad, but can't say father

We Need better fathers because there are too many tears

Too many tears being flown, because that one child

Is still thinking, why doesn't my dad love me

Where is my dad? Is he okay?

But yet he is perfectly fine

Because he has already remarried and is living the dream that you always dreamed

What the world needs, Is what I need


What the world needs is better communitites

Better communities equal less violence

Less violence equals answered prayers

To God praying that her child won't get influenced to a gang

Praying that she will be able to pay the next rent payment

Praying that she will at least be able to afford a gallon of milk, for her newborn child

What the world needs, is what our mothers need


What the world needs is afforadoble education

They say the key to sucess is knowledge

But what about the key to the lock of debt you will face

7 out of 10 graduates will be in debt after college

Everyone saying going to college will be the best decision you ever make after high school

When is that going to become reality 

Things that we work hard for should be worth it, not regretted

What the world needs is a government who cares


I as a teen may be seen as a person 

Who just asks for the latest cell phone, or that new Coach bag

You know, what I mean

But as of me, I want what the world needs

I need what the world needs

What the World Needs, Is All I Need


This poem is about: 
My community


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