What Will We See

When will I see 

Fruitions of being happy

What happened to respect exactly

What's intact is that I watch my back

Wondering when one close 

Decides to hide inside

The lies of emotional ties

What do we do besides

Cry or rise

And after it's through

Who dies?

Both sides 

Their drive to survive

Lead to lives of strife

Every level 

Seemingly tactical as the devil

The world turned

And only burned

Never to discern pleasure

From worth

So nothing prospers except nerves

And empty words, 

It blurs and can merge with the surge of the moment

Making every instant seem more potent

But they're not devoted 

To anything but toting how they're floating

Status drifts to easy exits despite economic rifts

Cash made fast 

And yourself cast

In the image

Of sinning men who're winning

Just as they dreamed in the beginning

Every minute was driven to break personal limits

Hidden within the rhythm of unforgiven victims

Listen to their mission in explicit visions

A collision with common sense 

May stress the obvious unaddressed 

Message we spread from our chest

We're stressed

Try our best

And still come home to a mess

Why despair

When leaders don't seem to care

Only there when the money's prepared

Other than a loaded brother 

They'd let you see the death of your mother

From sea to shining sea

Liberty's ran by currency

And they'll burry me

If the money they expect, 

but don't see

Kinda like us when we expect justice

Instead, many need to be fed,

Which leads to guns clutched

And head bust

Trust moves as dust

With the winds

It's ripped in gusts

And we're roughed up

Feeling friendships are corrupt

Or that you're never enough

But stuck in a rut of undercut 


devious dreams that teem with greed

No deed is dumb if it gets the job done 

Constantly they're stomping me

Even in the name of fun

No wonder we run

This exists because leaders fail to uplift

Instead, shift motive, make wealth

And lie about being legit,

We sift in your shit

Even after you admit you did it

Then we pretend your apology is the end

While we suffer once again 

Man made ways to display 

How our decay helps your lives everyday

What can we say

You portray dismay 

Display basic hatred

Taking children in chains

Profit from filling prisons with their pain

Then claim it's in the laws name

Us in awe 

No respect at all

As if we're rejects

And wrong

For being born under your resolve

Is this why so many call on God

Begging, fighting, and still fall

Because greed has us driven up the wall?


This poem is about: 
My country



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