What Were Not Supposed To Do


Were told to share our opinions,

Were told to state our minds,

Were told to take a stand,

And share thats all inside.

Teachers say thats right,

They tell us what to do, 

We follow, we listen ,We agree,

And use all as a tool.

A time comes up in class,

When opinions are asked,

I put my hand up high, 

For I have something important to share ,

The teacher points to me and exclaims " well Kelly lets hear".

I open wide and clear my throat ,

and prepare to say,

What I think and my thoughts,

so I begin to proclaim,

"I disagree"

All eyes are now on me,

I open up again,

"I dont think that is right"

All heads turn around now facing my way, 

All eyes wide open, mouths lay in shock,

"Did she really just say that" whispers Emily

A roar of whispers coming from the class

"I sure did I say! My opinion was asked".  

The teachers face turns red,

How dare you say such a thing,

So inappropriate and wrong,

"But you asked me did you not?"

She stares back at me while gripping on her pen,

"Come here young lady...Im making you friend"

She hands me a yellow slip with dark handwriting,

"To the office of Princaple Smith..

For being disrupting".

I stare at the paper and can't believe whats right before my eyes,

I stare back at her in utter shock, 

"But this is what you asked!"

She escortes me out and shuts the door,

My face gets hot "BUT THAT WAS THE TASK" .


So now im sitting in detention telling you about life,

Teachers tell you to share your opinion,

To state whats on your mind,

They say to take stand,

to open up with all you have inside.

But what they said thats all a lie, 

Dont expect to get out alive,

Next time you share your opinion,

With a teacher who thinks that they are right.


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