What We Should Change

I may not be a god,

I may not be the president,

But now I have power, I got one wish,

And my wish is to change Earth's residents.


One could say that this is how to define a human being,

But my wish is to change how people see and say "I'm guaranteeing.."

That this girl is rude and that boy is unfriendly,

That this client is dumb and that man is crazy.


We call this judging by first impressions,

And it's hard to stop from doing such a thing.

But if it was possible to rid false intentions,

Then life would be full of more happy endings.


People feel bullied,

For negative judgments could last forever,

When they want to show the better, true side of them,

It seems like all actions that follow are "whatever".


So whether it is in schools, at the workplace,

In sports or at the golf range,

Let us humans strive to be more open,

Let us humans strive to change.


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