What we see...


Time passes us by

we all forget to see, the world as it was intended

when we first breathed. So innocent and pure

our eyes were in that first light, Has

transitioned to the hate and societal wars between people

skin, race, looks, language...we hate it all

The unfamiliar turns into confusion, confusion into hatred, and hatred into the murder of the innocent

We kill our own people. Surrounded by all this blood and war and yet still expected

to grow up living a pure nature.

Time is wasted on jealousy and evil thoughts, that we forget to say thank you

Thank you mother, for bringing me into this world. For

the love you give and the peaceful nature you bring. Thank you

father, for supporting me when I needed the help. For being the witness to my first bike ride.

For being my hero 

Growing up, the world changes 

People change

Minds change

But your heart and knowing what is right never changes

Time passes us by

we all forget to see, the world as it was intended..



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