What we didn't do


We never knew it,

never saw the signs,

never saw the tears behind the dry eyes.

All the covered brusies,

all the white lies,

all the little things used to disguise.

We looked without seeing,

we thought we understood.

though theres nothing we knew less even though we thought we could.


Now were left here all alone

Were left here in grief

were left here thinking.. 

why didnt we see?

All the little warnings..

we turned a blind eye to.

how could we not notice! 

justi thinking of what we didnt do..


Things could have been different!

She could have survived!

But when we were needed most..

we turned away..

and she died.


If we could go back.. things could be different..

if we could turn the clock, it would change in an instant.

If we could do this

if we could do that..

but there is no time machine that can send us back.


The damage is done

her life is gone




This poem is about: 
Our world


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