What Wakes Me Up

Eyes open. Eyes close. Eyes open.

Sit up. Lay down. Sit up.

Open. Close. Open.

Up. Down. Up.

Then roll off the bed,

Still tangled up in blankets and dreams.

What's the point?


The world brings me down.

Everyday there's heartbreak.

Every moment, I wish for sleep.

What's the point?


And I go through the motions:

Shirt on. Pants on.

Brush teeth. Brush hair.

I ask myself:

What's the point?


I could just as easily disappear

Or run away.

Or say I'm sick.

It would be easy;

Like one, two, three.


So what's the point?

What's my reason to waken,

when all I do is complain?


It's love.

Not the love for one other person.

Not for one specific someone.


I love to see others smile.

It makes me smile.

Should the world hate my life,

I still couldn't help but love it.

It's all too beautiful a creation.

My heart swells with pride and love and joy.


For the nature singing,

for the people breathing;

For every waking moment.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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