What A Time

Fri, 01/06/2017 - 01:18 -- Khylah

January, months of mistakes. Accidents.Not knowing what to do, how to feelI had two options.Keep it or Let go. They said letting go will relieve all the stress and contemplating.my choice embedded in my mind for months.I let go. March, month of happiness. Love.Wasn't the butterfly in my tummy, heart beating a thousand miles per hour, out of my chest type of feel.More like I feel protected and valued when he is around.He differed from the rest, made me feel like myself again.Him knowing my past. Knew he was someone I could trust.I gave it a chance. May, month of accomplishments.Hearing my name called. Walking across the stage.Having my diploma in my hand.Made my family proud. All the hard work was worth it in the end.Ecstatic. Best day of my life.I did it. August, month of new chapters. Growth.New friends. Fun times.Late nights due to studying.Trying to fit in. Not really the party type.Not too friendly. Introverted.College, it is not home.Time where you find yourself.I haven't found myself..Yet.

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