What the Sky Sees

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 15:47 -- adr4644

My stars have that midnight shimmer

She sprints up the dark stairs of the narrow tower.

Tears spill down her white cheeks

Each of her steps tremble and shake

At  the top, she plops down on the highest platform

Exasperation leaves her body with a sigh

She slides to the edge of the platform

Her tears have stopped now

I don't understand why she was crying

Cuts in her hand from her grip on the steel bar

Fluffy tops of the trees

And little lights far off - town

She leans over her dangling legs

Admires the distance from her to the ground

It's so dark she can barely see the ground

It's a comforting thought I suppose.

She is saying something but I can't hear

She is upright, smiling, looking to her left

But he's not there to pull her back this time

So it's just hideous steel bars she's staring at

She leans over her legs and releases the steel bar

No particular emotion in her face,

Just acceptance in her dark, deep eyes

She lifts her arms over her head, clasping her hands together

They guide her way to the shadowed ground

She plummets in perfect diving form

Spreading her arms for the perfect entry

Just before the ground

A single tear lands on a blade of grass

And she smashes it into the dirt



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