What Shall i Think?

What shall i do if an AI is coming to my house

to think and overrun me with his ideals

when he has no emotions through out him whatever-


I feel no run, no sacrifice from me now

That my tears have run dry

There will be no AI come to assault me

but none to cheer me up later.


No, no gun either in my face by one of those droids

can't stake my schools, nor friends, nor my ecstasy

at studying, learning for real-

Where did the teacher go?

Oh, she got fired didn't you hear/

and AI took her job too.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country



What shall i think

If this day has come to end of thinkin

Shall A.Is come to start me up with a brew of coffee

and then take over my schools?


What shall i say that God is no longer there

and emotions have left all sense or play

leavin AI's to write and think for us

then to be locked into our lockers til 



What? i say no,. overrun counterpunks

jump out and play

that dear gun rap music you will listen to

and wear your bandanas on your head

cuz no AI is gonna do it!

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