What rhymes with orange?


What rhymes with orange?

In the english language nothing rhymes with orange,

but in another language there must be something.

something that rhmes with this one word

this word that represents a round citrus fruit,

maybe it's your soul that has yet to make a name for itself

or maybe it's the way i look at you not quite with love but something inbetween

or can we just create a new word like we created a new defintion for "Ratchet" 

which is not just a tool but not it's a person too.


a foreign person with a vibrant personality.


The act of running around wildly without a purpose.


the act of pulling someone close to you emotionally, then breaking them down.

Lourange what you did to me.

Lourange, you created great expections then broke them down with two words


you are a Louranger


a person who pulls you close emotionally, then breaks you down.

Lourange rhymes with orange,

unfortunately this word does not exist


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