What Remains

Tue, 02/27/2018 - 10:19 -- AP3430

The bodies weren’t even cold

When people safe distances away

Made jokes about the dead.


Their bodies are barely in the ground

And people are using them

As weapons for their selfish,

Personal agenda.


The fire alarm went off,

A kid that’s been pushed too far

Waits with a gun.

Killed seventeen on the spot,

Wounded fourteen others.


A teacher was willing to give his life

To save those he taught


News organizations trying

To alter the survivors’

Words for their selfish wants and needs


A young man said “Goodbye”

To some of his friends, forever

When the gunman, kid,

Put bullets into them.


We’ve got people in our society

That want to kill their unborn children

Simply because they don’t want them


We’ve got people that overlook the facts

And use emotions

People that want to use the deaths of the innocent

To condemn those they do not agree with.


Handing the survivors scripts

To feed their needs.


These same people are the ones

Responsible for most gun violence

They even have gangs supporting them

For their own selfish needs.


When all that have guns are criminals,

Would you feel safe?


Would you walk out

In broad daylight

When these people can strike at all hours?


When society would blame the innocent 2nd Amendment,

Written to protect us from the government,

And each other?


Yet we laugh about bullets

Going over our heads,

The loud explosions in the gun.

From a safe distance.


The same people that want our guns to be gone

Are the same people that want to hurt their own

With child, but unwanted

To be killed before it sees daylight.


Wants peace, but tries to accomplish that

Through excessive violence

On their own and the innocent.


Is this truly what we want?

Until all that remains,

Is the memory of what was once,

A safe place?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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