What is real love?

anyone can be in love and in a relationship but it's the type of relationship you develop is what matters. Is it a healthy relationship or unhealthy?

A healthy relationship to me is when i feel a connection with someone thats based on good communication, intimacy, trust, honesty, a sense of

humor, love and mutual respect whereas an unhealthy relationship can cause discomfort discomfort, can be based on lack of communication, loss of

respect, on lack of communication, abuse, jealousy and unsecurity. 

I'm grateful for having a healthy relationship because I love you.

Because i love you im able to feel the connection and communicate well with you.

Because i love you, if you ever leave i wouldn't know what to do.

Because i love you, i appreciate the honesty, trust and intimacy we share. 

Because i love you, i want you to know that i will always be there,

Because i love you, your sense of humor makes me smile and the connection we have makes me want to sustain our healthy relationship and stay


Because i love you, i can continue to love and trust you and all you do.

Your actions speaks louder than words, i respect you and love you, because i love you.


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