What poetry means to me...

What does poetry mean to me?

It is, simply, the ability to feel free. To be able to take your mind places where you physically cannot go. To be able to look from the inside out and grow. 

To not feel so much pressure to rhyme and make sense but to go wherever it may flow. The feeling of being lost is oh so comforting, the feeling of being sad, and angry yet relieved.

A place to go when people don’t understand you. Nonjudgmental.

I am still so very critical of myself.

When I write I get emotional. There’s so much I have, I want, I need to say. I choose to write it.

Love poems that I am too embarrassed to express, I could never be the person I describe. Quotes that I make up in my mind to keep me positive become shriveled papers in my garbage.

Through poetry I have learned to be comfortable with myself. I have turned some of my scariest, deepest moments into imaginary tales. I have recreated myself in my writing. You wouldn’t know who I was just by reading my words. Poetry has taught me there are sometimes no rhythm, no rhyme, and no sight. Sometimes you have to open up to the dark to see the light.

I opened up to poetry as a little girl, writing always made me feel better. I took a pen and wrote my sins and crossed them out every time I did them again. Poetry will always be my first love, my first heartbreak, my shattered memories in different color pen, and the girls who always picked on me, my lost friends. I started my life with poetry and that will not be the end.

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