What is poetry and what has it taught me?

Thu, 07/12/2018 - 00:11 -- gojord9

Since I was young I wanted to put on a show,

I didn't know what but I wanted it to flow.

The type of hero that could take down any foe,

Something this dark world could see shine and grow.


As I got older things started to change,

I started listening to people who were locked in a cage.

My mind flickered off and on,

It was as if I lost it and it was all gone.


But I still dreamed on about heroes and capes,

A good that would stick like tape.

But heroes started to lose,

I was knocked out of shoes.

Hoping there was something to do because the whole world blew.


The world continued to change and so did I,

I wasn't listening to the world or those guys.

Because I wanted to be the change I wanted in the world,

No one believed going from poverty to pearls.


This writing it gave me a voice,

Something that was much more valued than any Rolls-Royce.

It was then I realized the freedom of speech

The sweetest gift for any of old peach.


So as I stand and write this I suddenly realize I don't have to rhyme.

For the message isn't worth that time.

Freedom is freedom and it is great,

I never have to do what I am told or do it in a certain way,

This is really how I think heroes are made


I don't know a lot I am not going to lie,

But I believe that heroes are the reason why,

I can get up in peace and believe in my ways because we all have freedom to speak on our days.

It was then that I noticed all that I was,

Not just a kid from the slums but one with the voice, 

You can get out there even if you don't believe.

I am trying to be a hero so you can see all that poetry has ever taught me

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