What is poetry?


Poetry is difficult.

Poetry cannot be understood by simply reading once over.

Poetry has words.

But its words do not mean what they seem. 

Poetry is simple, yet complex. 

Each word contains its own meaning.

But together, they can convey something much greater. 

Poetry is not just empty words.

Poetry is me.

No, poetry cannot be defined by its surface.

It is not just the hardest part of 11th grade English.

It is not a random jumbling of words.

It is not reserved for the high class and the intellectuals.

But, it is not meant to be silent.

Poetry is strong.

It is expression.

It is an escape from the everyday.

Or is it a new outlook on the everyday?

That is the beauty of poetry. 



I liked your piece. I think it balances well between funny and serious work.

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