What now

What will you do
Who will you be
Yesterday is gone
Tomorrow seems like an eternity
But so
How do I make my choice
Which way do I go
The easy way out
Rather than to stay and suffer
Letting my hopes and dreams slip
Pushing them away
Watching them become engaged to another
How soft
My thoughts trickle like drops of rain
Being unsure
Waiting to see
All this unsurety can drive one insane
It's a mystery
They say I can do anything
But my history
How so
What voice
What sound
What choice
How can I decide when still unsure
Feel like I need a remedy
My puzzlement needs a cure
They all scream out my name
But which can I trust
They all sound nearly the same
But still I go
I say enough
My ducks are laid in a row
I make my choice
Gotta do what's right
Listen to that lingering voice
Decide for myself
What path
Is it true what they say
No pain
No gain
No crown
I can't stop
Refuse the doubt
Can't give up now
I gotta chose
What road
One of taint
Or one of security
And now
I know one thing
I draw the line here
I hate all this unsurety

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