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Today around noon two young boys were ran over in a hit and run accident the family is devastated and want closure.
Also today Kim Kardashian is said to be faking her pregnancy we have the full story of how she's actually not and what will the child's name be. They are saying that  it won't be another direction but someone point me in the way of those who see her life as news. There's dozens of women getting impregnated and giving birth every single day with names as unique as things on a compass rose so why in the hell is she the center of this universe tell me what good she has done. I'm waiting .....
Also on today's news Akon is giving back to Africa supplying them with solar panels oh wait no that's not on the list then what was next. This just in June 26,2015 the worst possible thing to happen to man kind the destruction of our religions and morals GAY MARRIAGE IS ALLOWED!
What I wish I could pause the news cast and teleport myself there take the anchor's spot because he's holding us down.
This just in finally after years of fighting,  protesting,and several deaths GAY MARRIAGE IS ALLOWED! The funny thing is that even our own bishop doesn't agree well chapu  I'll let you in on a secret if jesus friends were all sinners that included prostitutes and tax collectors then why couldn't they be gay too. Let's not be so closed minded shall we. I mean throw the first stone if your church is so perfect Last time I checked the pope is okay with it so why can't you. I'm not trying to sound angry but why are other things okay for people to do but join hands in marriage out of pure love and walk down the street without having their color drained out deemed unexceptable. My quite loud and sometimes obnoxious theology teacher taught us that our human purpose was to create relationships with one another and ultimately with God so dear protestors this just in God doesn't hate fags he loves people and yall hate to be called domesticated animals so aren't we people too regardless of size, shape, color, race, ethnicity,sexual orientation. Seriously who gives a damn about who you love as long as your loving  and not destroying those around you why does it concern you. This is just in for the people who would rather ostracize the gays  in hope for a world where everything is written exactly as it is in the bible well that book is out dated and so is your mentality and the black and white world you once lived in needs some more colors. Red for the blood spilled by homosexual people due to the hatred. Orange for the skies that set a joyful glow transending all over.
Yellow for the rays of sun that your stormy days are lacking.
Green for the grass that half the country would rather be legal before marriage.
Blue for the skies that have opened the day love won.
Indigo flowers bloomed after the harsh showers.
Violet for the streets of cities accross the nation as together they celebrated.
I'm getting a petition that we commence in the LGBT community and in the movement so let's get better together. Thank you this was action news.

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