What my heart would do

Thu, 09/10/2020 - 21:50 -- Tal543

My heart said fuck this and went to find you,
It jumped right from my chest
On a noble mission to find it's home,
It grew tired of waiting,
It knew exactly where to go without a mind to try to rationalize it's feelings,
It left me there dead with my tongue hanging out and my eyes closed
Because I was holding it back,
It had dreamt of finding itself at your door,
And wrapping itself up in a pretty bow with a note that would say for you
And you would find it and cherish it forever, take it with you wherever you went,
My heart was willing to do anything to make that fantasy a reality,
No sooner did it find it couldn't beat without being in my chest,
Only then did my heart stop beating for you.

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