What is My Everything?

On the day that I became six-years old   

I stepped on the ice the very first time

Gliding forwards so gracefully without being told

Then I looked at the clock and heard a loud chime.


Public Skating was over and had to wait the next day

I wanted to skate more and do the twirls again

It was the best day ever and wanted to just stay

And that was the moment when my life finally began.


I begged my parents if I can begin figure skating

A sport so mesmerizing with spinning and jumping up

Cuts and bruises but zero complaining

Training was tough but never gave up.


Waking up so early despite the little sleep 

I spent my whole morning practicing to perfect

Those triple jumps and spins while everyone is asleep 

Also working on the footwork that others tend to neglect.


Right after school I was back at it again

Sure I was tired but that wasn’t my excuse

Never slacked off; no gain without pain

Juggled both things but never I did snooze


Hard work payed off and I improved in a flash 

Winning many competitions, surprising many skaters

Out of jealousy I was bullied and treated like trash

But I rose back up quickly, ignoring all the haters.


I trained even harder and when I was thirteen-years old  

The State Games of America title came into my hand

The sacrifices and dedication finally turned into gold

And it was the moment when I finally could understand.


That figure skating was the best gift ever

My passion and sport that I could never let go

I will definitely continue to figure skate forever

Until the fateful day that I breathe no more.


Eleven years ago I will never forget

The moment when skating became my everything

There were lots of hard times but there is no regret

It’s my treasure and never I will trade it for anything.  

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