What makes you feel good

Some may try to find happiness in fame,

Others in clothes, or purely in the aspect of having money

They fantasize about all the things they wish they had

Tearing through life likes it's a competition

And never do they pause to grasp,

All the good things they keep overlooking.


Leaves altering color on the ample maple trees,

The sun glistening through their leaves.

The gales faintly moving through the branches; swaying.

Geese traveling in the luminous empyrean.

Squirrels scuffling by your feet and scurring up the trees.

Countless occasions of contentment on every mundane street.


Children giggling in the frosty sun,

Smiles on delighted and cheery faces,

Vast grass fields with picnic benches,

Meeting a challenging goal

Relaxing after a labor intensive day has concluded.


Coffee carts on the end of every block,

Pumpkin spice lattes with more than one shot.

A warm home with people whom you love,

And who love you for the person you've become.

Or a day when society gets along,

And all differences are celebrated.


Wouldn't people be happier if they stopped for a second;

Instead of always just living in the moment.

Stopping to smile at the things they already have, instead of which they want. 

In this world there are so mant adventures to explore, things to do,

But that which will make  you feel good, that would be just enjoying you. 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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