what makes up a wish?

Thu, 08/06/2015 - 13:48 -- ajubb2

Do you ever wish you could see the unknown,

Witness a miracle, or sit on a throne?

Do you ever wish to have a longer life,

Have the perfect husband or wife?


I'm here to say that if you do,

Saying these are impossible is just untrue.

Seeing a rainbow after a summer shower

Watching the sunset from the Eiffel tower

From witnessing the birth of a new baby girl,

To simple eating an oyster and finding a pearl.

Getting to experience that feeling of awe

Isn’t a matter of big or small.

Every obstacle in life that you overcome

Is just another experience you can draw from.

Don’t let the fear of feeling pain

Stop you from doing something rational or insane.


Making a wish is the same as being retrained,

For you think that wish can never be obtained.

A wish is never an impossible thing

Even if that wish is to become a king.

Don’t let a wish define your fate

That wish won't help you love or find your soul mate.

A wish is nothing more than an ember of desire,

Mixed with millions of other in a heart of fire.

To believe in yourself and everything you can accomplish,

Is the real purpose and soul behind what makes up a wish.

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