what makes me tick?

What makes me tick?
That drumming of your fingers on the desk?
How about the way you stare,
With those fancy clothes you love to wear?
I don't have all the money in the world.
I worked to pay for my car.
Bought myself a phone.
But all the money in the world couldn't get you what I got
You see those shoes on her feet?
Their second hand.
But you know what,
She doesn't care
Until she hears the words that you speak.
What makes me tick?
That you can't go one day without making her cry.
That you say I'm wrong because I look into her eyes.
I tell her the truth.
Those shoes don't make her a person,
Whats in her heart does.
What makes me tick?
All that's wrong in this world.

That guy over there wears make up
He looks around and wants a friend
But everyone around turns him down.
Just because the blush he puts on his cheeks?
What makes me tick?
That you can't even look at him without making him cry
His mascara runs down his face when he hears you.
You say you're a Christian.
You say you do what the bible says.
But what about the part that says to love everyone?
What makes me tick?
All the tears in everyone's eyes.

You see that girl over there?
Smile on her face?
Trying to fix what's going on?
That's me.
What makes me tick?
That I can't stop all these people in the world.
He's gay? Fine.
She doesn't want to get married? Its her life.
So what makes me tick?
That this whole world wants everyone perfect.
One person wants to be different,
The whole world attacks them!
Let people be who they are.
Don't change them.
Change yourself.
Be a better person and show love.
That's what makes the world better
Isn't it?


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