What Makes Me Tick


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Tick Tick Tick

The watch on my wrist goes

Tick Tick Tick


Thump thump thump

The heart in my chest goes

Thump thump thump


Click click click

The trigger of the gun to his head goes

Click click click


Shh shh shh

The only noise you will hear from the suffering goes

Shh shh shh


Because the truth is

We live in a world without comfort.

We thrive in our palaces of solitude.

We breathe in shame and loss more than we breathe in


We live in a world

Where happy endings

Don’t exist.

Where keeping your mouth shut

Is better than daring Speak Up at all.


“Speak up,”

They say.

“Open up,”

They say.

“Show me what makes you tick,”

They say.


They command to know my thoughts,

The interworking’s of my soul.

They wish to commandeer these ideas

And make me their own person.

I will never be their person.


They want me to speak out

In a world that loves noise

But hates voices.


They ask my opinions

And hate my answers.

I don’t know how to please these people.


But then I realize

What makes me tick

Is the fact

That I don’t care.


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