What Makes Me Flawless

Age 13, my face was full of blemishes.

Age 14, I had to get glasses.

Age 15, I wanted perfect skin.

Age 16, I screamed, "Screw perfection!".

I now tell myself a lot of things that I wish someone had told me then.

I know now that I'm no where close to the perfection I sought back then and I'm fine with it.

I know now that I'm beautiful and God makes no mistakes.

At age 13, I wish I had known that there are people in this work who would kill for my skin; my melanin is so powerful that it causes others to stare in awe.

Rich like chocolate and smooth like caramel.

At age 14, I wish I had known that my glasses are unique; so rare, just like myself.

I'm able to see a whole new world through a better and clearer perspective.

At age 15, I wish I had know that my hair is incredibly versatile; so much to do with it, so little time.

Every strand has a story and it shares it while blowing in the wind.

At age 16, I'm proud of myself.

This world is my canvas adn I'm a living piece of art.

The world is an art museum and I'm on full display.

I'm not pefect but God makes no errors; I'm the way I should be.

My confidence and higher self esteem is what makes me flawless.


Nerd Lady

This is awesome, good job. :) please check my poem out too and give it a shhare. I'll definitely share this one out. And I would love some feedback, as I am a bit of a begginer poet. lol. 

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