What Is Love? By Timothy S.

What is love? Do you wonder if you can have it? When you finally touch it you find yourself feeling static. Lose your grip once you got it to let it go once you grab it-missing opportunities to receive it but you pass it. It's quite strange how love works-it can trap you or keep you-damage your mindset and rip through your soul to eat you. What is this love that people claim they know? When one minute it arrives-but the next minute it doesn't show. Love can be described in elements framed with wonder, and give you a thirst as well with a hunger; it can satisfy your health to help you live longer or confuse you mistakenly not notice. Love can bring you to tears like the song sung in softness, and keep you cautious carefully aware to obtain it. It's a four letter word where Tina ask what can it do? It can, flat line you like wires or float you like balloons. We all want to get this love, like a desire long not met to be set like bets won within the gamble. We faint on occasions when this love don't keep it's promise; then vomit in disgust when it fails to uphold; it's truth can be hot, but it's lies can be cold. Disputed over relationships based on the lover. The man slams the door with the sound ripped to a scream in a mean shrug at the years wasted in courtship. The lady covers her face in her hands drenched in make-up to wake-up to her mistakes meant on purpose. Love can bounce back to harm in ways that's either generous or stinging. It can, devastate you screaming or turn you joyful singing. There's a love unlike this world that died to spread it-stretch on a tree to bleed for our eyes to see; that every believer agrees to be the mediator of our confession; if it wasn't for Jesus this life will be a mess in-my house, my job, and the school that I attend, will be another boring walk in a park without a playground. True love is founded on the cross crying for mercy on the behalf of humanity. His love stands in me, annually, automatically, and gradually teaches me my reason. Many of us today deserves this love. His love ticks at every turn at the beat of your heart. It never stops, and is official like 59 slash 50. Anyone can rest in this and get blessed in this, with a peace unmatchable to not stress in it. Love is defined in an art painted in crucifixion, so only His love fills every broken piece that's missing. 

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