What is the Love of Christ?


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Is it giving you the promotion you wanted?
Is it Him letting you see the game on Sunday?
Is it Him giving you a dollar to find?
Perhaps you eating lunch, and not having to pay?
I can assure you, His love is greater than that and has no limits
He came here and walked the earth sinless.
The sin in our lives didn’t suit Him, because it was like a pollutant.
He came as a substitution for our sin,
and because of that, people went to Calvary to persecute Him.
But He wanted to make sure we were included in heaven,
and that’s why I salute Him,
and because of that I can have improvement because He is the solution.
That is the love of Christ that we can share with others.
If you discover Him, you will experience all his mighty wonders.
And all my thanks goes to His pure love.


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