What is Love?

What is love?

It is more than just a feeling.

It could be anything.

The possibilities are endless.


Is love like a rose?

It is unforgettable in the minds of anyone who receives it.

It is beautiful beyond compare of anything you have ever seen.

It blossoms all around the world.


Is love like a river?

It does not matter how many sticks or stones

have been carelessly thrown into it,

it will not stop.


Is love like money?

It has been passed between many hands

of many people,

all of them with the intention of saving it.


Is love like a piece of clothing?

Sometimes it fits tight and sometimes loosely.

It can come in many different kinds for every age.

But even your favorite shirt can become lost.


Is love like a car?

It can travel short and long distances.

The excitement can give you a temporary rush.

You don’t want to get rid of it.


 Is love like a trophy?

You always enjoy showing it off.

Some are made of gold and some of silver.

It is the greatest of your accomplishments.


Is love like a trampoline?

Full of up’s and down’s.

One misstep could cause it to break.

It is resilient to all the hurdles in life.


Is love like water?

If you don’t realize you have it, it could slip between your fingers.

It can bond with anything and everything.

It keeps our spirits alive.


Is love like a rubber band?

When two people are people are pulling it

and one person lets go,

the one left holding on gets hurt.


I know that love is not peace,

it is a fight.

Not against each other,

but against all odds.


What is love?

The only explanation I can imagine

will always be


Guide that inspired this poem: 



I created this poem using things around me to describe love and its different qualities. Hope you like it!


My favorite part of this poem is the structure I used and it something almost everyone can relate to.

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