What love is

So, I found someone new to take your place, he helped me see that you were a waste of my space. We did it together, he had someone like you too. You both were pretty toxic and she too became old news. He saw you for what you really were and I saw her for him. You both had something in common, you got stuck under our skin. We’re very happy together, because he loves me and I love him, he gave me what I’ve been waiting for, and I’m always there for him. He helped me find myself after you came and left again. And picked up my pieces and helped me love again.

He’s patient and kind, and he’s never late. He always lets me wear t-shirts on all of our dates. He likes my body, no matter the weight, he says no sex until marriage is an acceptable wait. He lets me have friends, no matter the gender. My mental health is always a priority on his agenda. He’s not quick to anger, he never boasts, it’s his compassion and attitude that I love the most. And when I’m with him I believe that I’m who I’m meant to be. I can truly see in his eyes what love is meant to be.

Love is beautiful, exactly how he see’s me. He tell’s me not to limit myself that I am worth it. He pushes me to what I never thought I could be, and there in his words I find his beauty. He was okay with friends when we started our adventure, but life is crazy and the stars had something better. I understood him and he understood me, human nature attracted him to me. I love him like I love myself, cause when I see him I truly see myself. He’s my better side, my laughing side, and I know there is where he’ll stay. We’re making history and I think that’s pretty great.

We dance in my kitchen to old Sinatra songs, he ends up leaving late to go home. We hate when it’s time to say goodbye, but it’s only until I see you next time. When I think about my future I see him in it. He has all the qualities a good husband has in him. He’s caring and careful, he can admit his faults, he accepts responsibility when it’s his fault. I love that he’s there whenever I need him, and doesn’t lose his temper when we have disagreements. He lets me be independent and accepts my bad jokes, he even believes in Big Foot hoax.

I feel like a child even though I’m almost 18 years old, and it’s crazy to know that it’s him that I want. But I do, with all the certainty in the world. Because I love you.


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