What is Love?

“Love” is a powerful word

so full of intense emotion

and desperate desires.

“Love” can mend or break you,

healing wounds of the past

or shattering bones of the future.

“Love” can be so confusing.

Full of laughs, comfort, and passion.

yet full of cries, abuse, and boiling anger.


Is love fueled by fire?

“Because I love you…” he says.

Yet he colors my skin violet

with a hate filled fist.

Is love fueled by ice?

“Because I love you…” he screams.

Yet he splinters my heart

with black eyes and soulless words.

Is this love?


Love is patient.

It is full of sacrifice and compromise.

Problems are veiled

with laughter and communication.

Love is forgiving.

It is full of hurt and disappointment.

Though, the hurt is transformed

with heartfelt apologies and promises.

Love is encouragement.

It is full of highs and lows

yet it is a constant force

of beautiful moments and connection.

But what are acts of love?


Because I love you,

I give you the last piece of pizza

even though I really wanted it.

Because I love you,

I let you pick our Friday night movie

even though I’d rather watch a chick flick.

Because I love you,

I encourage you to go out with your boys

even if it takes away our time together.

Because I love you,

I giggle at all of your jokes

even though I’ve heard them a million times.

Because I love you,

I always go to your dad’s for Christmas

even though we don’t always see eye-to-eye.

Because I love you,

I will trust in your word and your loyalty

even when I feel insecure.

Because I love you,

I will attend all of your games

even though I don’t understand football.

Because I love you,

I will inspire you to live your life

even if that life is not meant for me.

This is love.


Because I love you,

we will not fail.


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