What Is Love

trust, love, hope, commitment, war. 

If I died today would you really be sad? if the world broke out into a war would you really have my back?

I cannot stress enough what till death do us appart really means

Life isn't a series of scenes you can't skip ahead or only enjoy the in betweens

We have to be there through it all, there are too many bumps in the roads as it is...what we need is consistancy

And forget about hope, it breeds eternal missery

we can't sit and wait for things to go right

we need to get up and go, we need to win the fight

see we can't just win the battle we have to win the war, because at the end of the day our love is what we're fighting for

there's not room for abuse, there's no room for control

things like that will send us out the door

and the last thing we need is to be apart

because once your gone it's the end of the start

so stop focusing on the things that will never get us through

because in the end I want to be able to say

this was all because I love you...


This poem is about: 
Our world


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