What is Love?


A word everyone uses, but no one understands what it truly means. 

Either it brings tears of joy, or leaves you in a hopeless fantasy. 

I have wondered and wondered what being in love may feel like. 

Is it like a breeze in the wind, or is it more like darkness harbouring a bright light? 

Is it as soft as and beautiful as a rose, or is it like a cactus; spiney and bold? 

Is it as soft and light as a feather, or is it like a rock; solid and hard as ever. 

What is Love? I Wonder now, I want to discover it but the question is how?

I may be young but I want to know, If love exists when will it show? 

It may be years, months, or even days, but one day my lonliness will feel like a haze. 

Love will show itself to me one day when the time is right and the hate of the world has gone away.

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Our world
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