What lies beneath?

Beneath the patterns of the surrounding society

Beneath the spice in other's eyes to hawk like vultures at the vulnerable

Beneath the excess necessity for superiority and distance



Yet we live next to each other,

Feeding off the crops of another

Yelling at the sons of our brothers

For the unjustful laws, glass ceilings and cover ups


Kissing the enemy because of the rush they promise

Because they prophet acceptance and momentary pleasure


Mirroring a 2 dimensional idea of beauty

What lies beneath your pop-genre-filled playlist?

What lies beneath your fake smiles, your desperate ignorance, your vacant knowledge?

Beneath the superficial passion


What lies beneath a man of power and his insane policies?

What lies after the beat drops, and the fog begins to deteriorate your lungs?

What lies beneath your monetary value?

What lies beneath your raw words corrupted by fame?

Is there something real in your imitation of reality?

Or is hating on society only a trend?


Our distorted reality isn't as pleasant as distortion should be.

What lies beneath your empty silence?

What lies beneath our past intimacy?

What lies beneath us?

Beneath our parent's rage

Beneath our clenched jaws

Beneath our conformity

Our rebellion

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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