What is King

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 11:23 -- Kitana

I feel it

It’s thunder

It’s raging in my core

Breaking the trees of my opinion

Shattering the windows of my self confidence


It’s more than a pretty face on TV


It’s a tyrant

Has absolute rule over this generation

Executes the innocent

It’s tears on a bloody ax


But it’s perfect


This death is what we strive for

Takes away breath and soul

Burning bridges

Empty rooms


All that's left without the cosmetics

Fingers twisted holding on to a dreams

Dragged away by stereotype


But its perfect


This death is what we strive for

The thunder of the rolling clouds

And the acceptance of that which is king

Killing our friends

And burying that which was their minds


Twisted fingers holding on

Grasping tight to our generation

Simply because we will not let go

But its perfect now isn't it?



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