What Kind of America

When the president promises to make America great again,

Which America is he referring to?

Is it the one,

Built on the backs of immigrants

The one,

Pressed against the back of Eric Garner as he cries

“I can’t breathe!”


Is it the Statue of Liberty,

Stripped of all she stands for

While she is disrobed and aching

Onlookers have the audacity to ask

“What was she wearing?”

She is told she must have been asking for it as the conversation turns

from the right to bear arms to the right to bare arms.


Is it the one,

Demanding a man prove his love’s authenticity

These demands from the same mouths flooded with hatred,

dripping with bigotry

America is drowning.

Like a bee in its own honey

Emancipation did not mean evaporation


No, that is not a bald eagle,

It is a vulture.

This poem is about: 
My country


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