What Keeps Me Sane

I’m going mad

My brain can’t relax

Nothing kills faster

Than a mind without tracks


What keeps these tracks so straight

I ponder

What does my life contain

That keeps me sane

I wonder




The tone of a voice


These are the components

Of a life with choice

We express our feelings

Our deepest thought


Without music my inner soul would rot

I can’t fathom an island

Without a sound

Without a note

Someone around here

Find me a boat


With a stereo system

Something with meaning

I want someone to tell me

That they know what I’m feeling


I need to feel a presence

A human mind

Who has fears and dreams

While keeping a rhyme


Going and going

The music has beat

That flows to the rhythm

Of my heart underneath


But if all of that thought

That was expressed through sound

Were to be lost to the sea

Nowhere to be found


As would my mind

Be lost in the waves

I could not survive  

Not even two days





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