What Keeps Me Going

For as long as I can remember

I've had them by my side

Some new, some old, returning

Some I haven't seen in a while


Some who I no longer consider

To fall in this group today

Some who I'd consider a member

Though we've never said more than "hey"


Each one of them important

Each one of them special to me

And some I sometimes consider

As maybe no more than a dream


Not one of them a nightmare

Not one of them to rot

The people I've grown to rely on

Who assure me each day that I'm "hot"


Each one of them a memory

Each one of them unique

Each one of them brings happiness

Which everyone would seek


They make me a better person

Bring joy into my life

They lend a shoulder to cry on

When they see I'm filled with strife 


They give me every aspect 

Of them which they can give

And I do the same in return

So together we can live


Though none of them are perfect

There's nothing more to be

Than perfect for each other

That's what they are to me


No matter what we go through

No matter who we'll be

We'll always stay together

It'll always be them and me


A dynamic little group

Changing, growing, free

We always stand together

And love fantastically


From rowdy group activities

To secret escapades

And crazy bad ideas

That lead us all astray


From an evening under the stars

To a day that's spent inside

Nothing can compare to that

At least not in my eyes


And sometimes i like being quiet

And spending time alone

They understand completely

Because somehow they just know


We understand each other

More than anyone else in the world

And no one's known me better

Since our friendship has unfurled


These true magnificent beauties

The reasons I am me

Are each unique and special

My chosen family


My friends are what is awesome

About every part of life

And because of them I'm breathing

Because of them I'm fine




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